BUYSMARTER is a transformative, data-driven initiative leveraging the collective purchasing power of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to secure lower prices, achieve operational efficiencies, and generate cost savings on goods and services. BUYSMARTER uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) and blockchain technology to analyze departmental requirements based on current HHS-wide spend data. This helps identify opportunities to consolidate contract vehicles across agencies within HHS to leverage overlapping requirements at a significant cost savings for the federal government.

 This session will explore the new paradigm of acquisition that BUYSMARTER leverages. This new standard of excellence will not be a simple change or tweak over existing acquisition processes; it will create a new, transformational structure of how agencies acquire their goods and services together. Attendees will learn how BUYSMARTER has uses A.I. and and new and emerging technologies to assess, evaluate, coordinate, and develop a full-spectrum HHS acquisition strategy that streamlines the entire buying lifecycle by considering and validating each activity, function, condition, requirement, and output in support of HHS and divisional operating requirements. Discover how the BUYSMARTER initiative is redefining data-driven acquisitions processes.

·         Session will outline a brief history of the Initiative, outline what has been done so far in the development and early implementation as well as talk about the long term vision for BUYSMARTER

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