Data Driven Government
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The premier analytics and AI conference for government

To support the President’s Management Agenda to use data as a strategic asset, Data Driven Government aims to help agency leaders more effectively accomplish their mission, increase efficiency, and improve evidence-based policymaking.


Data Driven Government is focused on helping government executives to share and discuss emerging trends and best practices of how government agencies are currently using data analytics to enhance mission outcomes. A practically-focused, vendor-neutral conference, Data Driven Government advances the deployment of analytics and data science within Federal, State, and Local government to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse, automate manual processes, and drive smarter decisions by extracting actionable insights from the vast quantities of data within government agencies.

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The Venue

Capital Hilton

16th & K Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036


Visit the Capital Hilton Site





How can we help?

  • When and where does the conference take place?

    The conference and expo take place on Wednesday September 25, 2019 at the Capital Hilton, on the corner of 16th & K Street, NW
    Washington, DC. In addition, there are two days of workshops taking place on the Tuesday and Thursday either side of the conference, also at the Capital Hilton.

  • Where can I buy my ticket?

    Registration details for the conference are here.

  • What topics does the conference cover?

    All topics around emerging trends and best practices of how government agencies (at both Federal, State and local level) are currently using data analytics to enhance mission outcomes. For example:


    • How are public sector agencies using analytics & AI? Where are they headed?
    • How can we make analytics mainstream? How can we build a culture of innovation?
    • How can advanced analytics convert insights from data into successful mission strategies for the public sector?
    • How do you build cohesive data strategies that focus on mission value?
    • What are the next-generation analytics & AI technologies relevant to the public sector?
    • How do you build high-performing analytics teams? How do you attract and develop the right talent?
  • Where can I get other questions answered?

    Questions about registration? See here or email:

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    Questions about speaking? See here or email:

    Questions about partnering to help promote Data Driven Government? Email:

Stay Tuned for the 2021 Edition!

We hope to see you in Washington, DC in October.

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